2017 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Recipient


Georgie Dewey has been a dedicated member of First United Church her entire life. She has held many volunteer positions over the years. She is a silent doer and not one to talk about all the volunteering she has done. Her favorite quote is "I never let my right hand know what my left hand is doing."

Some of the volunteer positions she has held are Explorer Leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Superintendent of the Sunday School for over 15 plus years. She is a member of the Board for the McLennan Memorial Camp serving for several summers as their Camp Cook. Georgie has been the Secretary to the Official Board for the First United Church and is currently the First United Church Representative on the Board for The Pictou County Council of Churches, being re-elected again for 2017. Georgie has been the Secretary for the Pictou County Council of Churches for over 20 years. She is a very dedicated member and volunteer.

She has been the Secretary of the Board of Managers, the Secretary United Church Women, Pictou Presbyterial and Secretary for Maritime Conference for 7 years. She is also the Editor of the twice-yearly Church Newsletter. Georgie has served many terms for the Congregation as secretary and has been re-elected this year to serve again. She is a member of our United Church Women (UCW) where she has been the Treasurer for fifty-years plus. Georgie is currently a member of our Structural Review Committee.

Georgie has held many community volunteer positions including helping at the Shepherd's Lunchroom, supporting the UCW Christmas project, the "Mitten Tree" delivering items to the Brunswick Street Mission, Halifax. She is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, secretary for over 15 years and recently retired.

Georgie Dewey is considered an awesome neighbor, known for her treats for children on hot summer days and for making meals to anyone who is ill, she has done this dozens of times over the years. She is known by her neighbors as an “Angel in Disguise.”

Georgie Dewey is a very giving and dedicated volunteer, always there to lend a helping hand. The Town of Trenton is lucky to have such a dedicated and inspiring volunteer as Georgie Dewey!


Congratulations to all of our AMAZING nominees this year! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

2017 Volunteer Representatives

  • 397 Royal Canadian Air Cadets  - Bernice MacDonald & Bruce Paige
  • Albion Boxing Club - Walter Linthorne & Erin MacGregor
  • First United Church - Georgie Dewey
  • Friends of Trenton Park Society - Suzie Taylor
  • Pictou County Seniors Festival - Billy Jenkins
  • Public Nominations - Al McGrath
  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 29 - Heidi Boyles & Renie Currie
  • Steeltown Friendly Group - Betty Cooke
  • Trenton Fire Department - William Ehler
  • Trenton FunFest Committee - Kelly Salsman
  • Trenton Minor Ball - Vernon Earle
  • Trenton Parks & Recreation - Michael Trefry
  • VON of Pictou County - Ryleigh Cameron

2018 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Recipient

2018 VOTY

From Left: Mayor Shannon MacInnis, 2018 Volunteer of the Year Vania MacMillan & members of the Gouthro Family.


The annual Florence Gouthro Memorial Award is presented each year to a volunteer who exemplifies the true spirit of volunteerism. The Town is pleased to announce that Vania MacMillan has been chosen as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year! Vania began her volunteering career while in high school – coaching the junior high basketball team, peer tutoring, & participating in the Trenton Youth Centre Board. She was motivated by “the need” for volunteers. Many people cannot afford to pay for essential services and not all organizations are able to provide free services and resources. Without volunteers many programs would cease to exist – youth sports and education programs, Meals on Wheels, emergency shelters, etc. Knowing that she has been able to help someone, whether it’s a person needing a service or trying to provide a service is a wonderful feeling.

The Trenton FunFest Committee was very pleased to nominate & recognize the efforts of Vania MacMillan this year. After working with the Trenton Parks & Recreation department in 2014, Vania decided to volunteer her time with the Trenton FunFest. As a small group of volunteers, Vania has helped make Trenton FunFest possible the last few years! She has played an integral role in the Executive Committee by attending meetings, planning and volunteering at events and helping with fundraising efforts. Trenton FunFest would like Vania to know how much her help and dedication is appreciated.

Vania has also volunteered her time locally for the Children’s Wish Foundation, Pictou County Roots for Youth Society’s Coldest Night of the Year event, several Friends of Trenton Park Society events, the Multicultural Association of Pictou County’s annual Fusion Festival, the United Way, and the Life Shelter for the homeless.

While living in South Korea for 13 years, Vania volunteered for the City of Gwangju’s International Day Festival, Youth Mentor Program, and at the International Centre assisting with translating, teaching, and website development. Vania also helped out at their local orphanage, animal shelters and with their Rainbow Action March.

Vania MacMillan has proven to be a very giving, hardworking, & dedicated volunteer. She has a huge heart that is open to help anyone & everyone she can regardless of who they are or where they come from. No matter where Vania is she extends a hand to help those around her, be it in her hometown, surrounding communities or across the world! The Town of Trenton is lucky to have such a fantastic volunteer as Vania MacMillan for their 2018 Volunteer of the Year!


Congratulations to all of our AMAZING nominees this year! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

2018 Volunteer Representatives

  • 397 Royal Canadian Air Cadets  - Chris Walker
  • Albion Boxing Club - Barry Hynes
  • Communities in Bloom - Greg MacGillivray
  • First United Church - Dale Watters
  • Friends of Trenton Park Society - Dana Buck
  • Pictou County Seniors Festival - Mary Livingston
  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 29 - Karen Lank & Michele MacKinnon
  • Steeltown Friendly Group - Sandra Williams
  • Public Nominations - Al McGrath
  • Trenton Fire Department - Steven Cotter
  • Trenton FunFest Committee - Vania MacMillan
  • Trenton Minor Ball - Robin Hatt
  • Trenton Parks & Recreation - Paula & Gary Milnes
  • VON of Pictou County - Jim Aucoin



The Trenton Elementary School (TES) is located on the corner of 6th Street and Duke Street. It accomodates grades primary through four.

Principal: Mr. Mike Washburn

# 1 - 6th Street
P.O. Box 356
Trenton, NS, B0K 1X0

Phone: (902) 755-8460


Co-Chairs: Alanna MacIntosh & Lesley Otter




The Trenton Middle School (TMS) is located on Dickie Street. It accomodates grades five through eight.

Principal: Mr. Shaun MacDonald

37 Dickie Street
Trenton, NS, B0K 1X0

Phone: (902) 755-8440

CCRCE 2018-2019 School Calendar (Year at a Glance)

Trenton NSPI

Trenton Plant & Nova Scotia Power

The Trenton Plant stands on about 426,000m (105 acres) of land within the boundaries, which are almost 1.6km (1 mile apart at the widest point). There are railway tracks throughout the plant. The Trenton Plant is currently available for new ownership. For more information, please contact the Town of Trenton Municipal Office at 1-902-752-5311 or see our Staff Directory for more detailed contact information.
The War Wasp, 1917 The Town of Trenton was built around industry starting with the manufacturing of shipbuilding in The Narrows in 1789 (the present location of N.S. Generating Station). Trenton also built ships during the First World War to replace some of the Canadian merchant vessels lost.
The War Wasp, 1917  


In 1877, Hope Iron Works relocated to Trenton and purchased the land that the Trenton Plant now occupies, through the years many past companies have operated at this same location. In 1883, the first pouring of steel in British North America occured here. The Town of Trenton was incorporated in 1911 with J.B. Strickland being the first Mayor.

Our Town celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2011, and in August of 2011, the Trenton Fire Department also celebrated 100 years.

First Steel
  First Pouring of Steel, 1883



First Railway Car, 1913

In 1912, the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Company formed Eastern Car Company and set up a factory adjacent to the steel operations to make railway cars. The first box car rolled off the line in September, 1913. Trenton built many different types of railway car orders for different countries all over the world. The Trenton Plant workers were well known for the quality of cars they built. They also refurbished cars, built shafts for ships, parts for oil rigs and did various types of steel construction for other companies. The Trenton Plant from its early years employed people from Trenton and all over Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and as far away as Alberta and the United States. In 2007, the number of workers employeed by Greenbrier was 1204 (prior to their closure).




DSTN Wind Towers (2010-2015)


Trenton Future Market (Roof structure replica of train station)
Caboose that was built at "Trenton Plant" (April 3, 1967)


For additional historic information, please visit Trenton Heritage.