2012 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Recipient

2012 Volunteer of the Year

Mayor MacKinnon & members of the Gouthro Family present the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award to Dianne Williams.


Dianne Williams has spent the last 30 years with the Trenton Block Parents Association. During that time, she has done much to help her community. She did presentations for the local schools including educating the elementary students on the Black Parents Association and how to locate a safe home if they ever needed help of any kind. She also volunteered to do the first anti-bullying program lecture in the Trenton Middle School. For 15 years, she was active as the associations’ secretary and police liaison serving as the organizations spokesperson if they had any concerns that needed police attention. Dianne volunteered with the local police bike rodeo in Trenton to make sure the children had safe helmets, reflectors, breaks and horns. Local children learned how to maneuver their bikes correctly, drive on the street safely and make sure their equipment was in good condition. For the last 5 years, Dianne has been a Member at Large with the Nova Scotia Block Parent Advisory Board. She has attended annual conventions for the association and hosted the 30 year anniversary of the Trenton Block Parents. She is also involved with crime prevention and Crime Stoppers. The community would like to thank Dianne Williams for her three decades of incredible commitment and efforts in making Trenton a safer place to live!


Congratulations to all of our AMAZING nominees this year! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

2012 Volunteer Representatives

  • 100th Anniversary Committee - Sheldon Dickie, Francis & Shirley MacMillan
  • 397 Trenton Air Cadets - Tanya Milnes & Fran Fraser
  • Albion Boxing Club - Allen Archibald
  • Communities in Bloom - Albert Sampson
  • Christ the King Parish - Jim Fraser
  • First United Church - Ross Cameron
  • Friends of Trenton Park Society - Barb Burns
  • MADD Pictou County - Sandra DeGruchy
  • New Glasgow Police Youth Troop - Cody Falcitelli
  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 29 - Gerard James Halfyard
  • Trenton Block Parents - Judy Logan
  • Trenton Elementary School - Crystal Rankin & Amy Eisan
  • Trenton Fire Department - Michael MacDonald
  • Trenton FunFest Committee - Stephanie Grant
  • Trenton Minor Ball - John Lumsden, Lloyd McCarron & Travis Pentz
  • Trenton Minor Hockey Association - Robert Roper
  • Trenton Parks & Recreation - Francis MacMillan
  • Trenton Steeltown Friendly Group - John Falcitelli
  • VON Pictou County - Ann Ripley

2013 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Recipients


2013 Volunteer of the Year Recipients

Mayor MacKinnon (Left) & Dawn Gouthro (Right) presenting Shirley & Francis MacMillan (Centre) with the 2013 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award!


The Florence Gouthro Memorial Award is presented to the volunteer who exemplifies the true spirit of volunteerism. The Town is pleased to announce that Francis and Shirley MacMillan have been chosen as the Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteers of the Year for 2013! Francis and Shirley will be attending the Provincial Volunteer Ceremony in Halifax this April.

Francis and Shirley MacMillan were instrumental in the success of the Town of Trenton’s Centennial Celebrations in 2011. Shirley was the driving force behind the recently established Heritage Room while Francis designed and coordinated a new entrance gate for Trenton Park. They are, by nature, a very giving and generous couple with volunteer efforts spanning decades including involvement with minor hockey, the Trenton Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary, and Christ the King Church. Both Francis and Shirley are invaluable volunteers in our community. Thank you both for your continued dedication and great efforts put forth for the Town of Trenton!

Congratulations to all of our AMAZING nominees this year! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

2013 Volunteer Representatives

  • 397 Trenton Air Cadets - Fred Fraser
  • Albion Boxing Club - Elizabeth Elliott, Shauna Sullivan & Janice Croft
  • Communities in Bloom - Eileen Molyneaux
  • First United Church - Linda Stephenson
  • Pictou County Council of Seniors - Len Thomas
  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 29 - Peter Landry & John Gerrior
  • Trenton Centennial Celebrations Society - Corey Hartling & Barry Trenholm
  • Trenton Church of the Nazarene - Eric Smees
  • Trenton Elementary School - Kelly Butler & Heidi Boyles
  • Trenton Fire Department - Sargent Langille
  • Trenton FunFest Committee - Jessie Falcitelli
  • Trenton Middle School - John Clark
  • Trenton Parks & Recreation - Jon Linthorne
  • Trenton Steeltown Friendly Group - Mary Fraser
  • VON Pictou County - Ken McAllister

2015 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Recipient

 Sandra VOTY15

Mayor MacKinnon & Sandra DeGruchy with the Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Plaque!


As stated by Sandra in the Pictou Advocate in 2013, “Volunteering is in my blood. My mother was well aware of what it took to raise10 kids in a community and the community was good to us. She raised us to give back.” sandra was a founding member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Trenton Fire Department. She was also one of the founding members of Trenton Funfest and marked a quarter of a century volunteering for the annual festival in 2013. In addition, Sandra has also been a very active member of the Kinette Club of New Glasgow, where she has held all club positions and chaired numerous events, raising funds for her community. She has received several Kinette awards including Life Membership. Sandra has also been involved with Pictou County MADD, spending over 15 years raising awareness about the impact of impaired driving. As well, she has spent many years volunteering with other organizations such as The Shepherd’s Lunchroom and has canvassed for heart and stroke, diabetes and cancer. She has also been seen walking on the coldest night of the year campaign for the LifeShelter. The Town of Trenton is grateful for all of Sandra’s volunteer work and thanks her for all that she does for her community.

Congratulations to all of our AMAZING nominees this year! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

2015 Volunteer Representatives

  • Albion Boxing Club - Peter MacIntosh & Peter Bennett
  • Christ the King Parish - Sister Mary McMahon & Sister Marie Smith
  • Communities in Bloom - Paula Richards
  • First United Church - Allan Cameron
  • Friends of Trenton Park Society - Lil Livingstone
  • LifeShelter - Terri Stewart
  • Pictou Co. Ground Search & Rescue - William Cummings & Paul Demetre
  • Pictou Co. Health Authority - Phyllis Hermillon & Doug Simpson
  • Pictou Co. Seniors' Festival - Diane Wilsack
  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 29 - Jan MacNeil & Joseph MacPherson
  • Summer Street Industries - Archie Kontuk
  • Trenton Fire Department - Mike Casey & William Ehler
  • Trenton FunFest Committee - Sherri MacDonald
  • Trenton Parks & Recreation - Jessie Falcitelli
  • Trenton Steeltown Friendly Group - Dorothy Munro
  • VON Pictou County - Jim Aucoin



2014 Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Recipient

 IMG 2242

Mayor MacKinnon (left) & Barry Trenholm (right) with his Provincial Volunteer Award & Florence Gouthro Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award for Trenton!


Barry Trenholm has been a community leader in Trenton and Pictou County for most of his life. As a life-long sports enthusiast Barry took on various volunteer roles including coach, manager, league executive, and official through hockey and ball. He served on the Board for the Abercrombie Golf and Country Club and ran their junior golf program for two years. Barry was a long term volunteer and supporter for the annual Joe Earle Victoria Day Road Races taking on any role that was asked of him. These days you are most likely to find Barry at the Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame which he was involved with for its 25 year existence. Barry’s roles include board member, curator, fund raiser, induction ceremonies organizer, artifacts collector and tour guide. Barry does all of the hands on works such as cataloguing historical data, arranging displays, and sorting the vast array of photos.

Barry is more than just sports. His other community involvement include 4 years as a Town Councillor followed by 16 years as Trenton’s Mayor, the longest consecutive number of years for any Mayor in the Town’s history. He served on the Aberdeen Hospital Board for several years, and also on the board for Glen Haven Manor, a long term home for seniors. He was chairman of the Pictou County District Development Commission as well as Chairman of the School Board.

Additionally, Barry has volunteered for Christmas Daddys, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and the Joe Earle Road Races. Barry was a leader with the Trenton Rink building committee in the 1970’s and with the Refurbishing committee some 25 years later. Barry was also instrumental in the establishment of the Trenton Heritage Centre in 2011.

He, as with so many volunteers in their own home towns and throughout the Province seem to lack the word “no” in their vocabularies when it comes to someone else’s needs.Barry’s favourite profile of a volunteer has always been ones who perform those random acts of kindness that are un-chronicled and known only to themselves and the recipient. Congratulations Barry Trenholm 2014 Town of Trenton Volunteer of the Year!


Congratulations to all of our AMAZING nominees this year! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

2014 Volunteer Representatives

  • #397 Trenton Air Cadets - Carl Green
  • Albion Boxing Club - Sean Michael Jordan
  • Christ the King Parish - Bernie McCarron
  • Communities in Bloom - Charmaine Jenkins
  • Joe Earle Memorial Road Races - Howard Wilson
  • New Glasgow Regional Police Youth Troop - Jerrika Martin
  • Pictou Co. Seniors' Festival - John Falcitelli
  • Trenton Elementary School - Helen Landry
  • Trenton Fire Department - Delbert Welsh
  • Trenton Heritage Room - Don Hussher
  • Trenton Parks & Recreation - Crystal Rankin
  • Trenton Steeltown Friendly Group - Donna Cameron
  • VON Pictou County - Jim Aucoin & David McAvoy


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