Trenton Park

Arial View of Trenton Park!
Winter at Trenton Park 

Trenton Park is one of Nova Scotia’s finest parks! Whether you want to get out of the car to stretch, take a break for lunch or perk up your day with recreational activities: Trenton Park can provide the experience you’re looking for!

The Park offers 6km or walking/hiking trails winding their way through 565 acres of century-old coniferous trees. A 6.5km (4.4mi) mountain bike trail is also on site. Park visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll (1.6km) along the prepared trail or stop to fish trout from the 3 man-made ponds. Visitors may catch a glimpse of the natural wildlife that calls Trenton Park home!

Trenton Park is a great location for family fun with a playground, a 3000 square foot family swimming pool and water splash pool for visitors to cool down in the summer months! A picnic area provides visitors a space to stop and enjoy food from the Trenton Park Canteen, open daily in the summer. Parking and washrooms are available at the main entrance.

Driving Directions:
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Coming From HWY 104:
Trans-Canada Highway 104, Exit 22 to Trans-Canada Highway 106, Exit 1A to Trenton, turn Right onto Mt. William Road.
Continue straight on Trenton Connector to Park Road. Destination on Left.

Coming From Prince Edward Island (Caribou Ferry Terminal):
Trans-Canada Highway 106, Exit 3E on Pictou Roundabout to continue on 106 (New Glasgow/Trenton). 
Take Exit 1A to Trenton, turn Left onto Mt. William Road. Continue straight on Trenton Connector to Park Road. Destination on Left.

Trenton Park Vehicle Access
Please be advised that any person with mobility issues (seniors and disabled) will be provided vehicular access into Trenton Park by asking office staff during regular office hours (8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday). The Trenton Park gates are closed to regular vehicle traffic in order to maintain a safe environment for walkers, runners, children, families, pets and natural wildlife. Thank you for understanding.

Re: Off Road Vehicles

Due to recent damage on the new Trans Canada Trail & grass areas of Trenton Park, the public is reminded that the use of off road vehicles is prohibited at Trenton Park. This ban includes, but is not limited to: four wheelers & dirt bikes. This ban is to protect the Park’s environmentally-sensitive hiking trails, as well as protect the safety of all trail users & wildlife. This ban is in place for drivers of ALL ages and a fine of $150.00 will be enforced.

The ponds at Trenton Park are stocked every year in May prior to the Pictou County Rivers Associations Children's Fisherama. The Park does not continuously stock the ponds throughout the summer months. For fishing at the Park we ask that you follow the Nova Scotia regulations which can be found in the Nova Scotia Anglers' Handbook and 2017 Summary of Regulations. Anyone over the age of 16 must have a valid fishing license.

Trenton Parks & Recreation Office is currently closed. Please contact Town Hall for inquiries:

Phone: (902) 752-5311

We're thrilled to have Lori Peddle-Morrison & Kathi MacConnell returning to operate the Trenton Park Canteen again this summer!
These ladies are fresh off another great winter season as the operators for the Hector Arena Canteen in Pictou.


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Seasonal Hours (June 20 - September 2018):
Open Daily 11:00am to 7:00pm
Phone #: 902-752-0802

Located at Trenton Park (119 Park Road, Trenton, NS)

* Prices Include Tax. Please Note: Cash Only, No Credit/Debit Available at Trenton Park *


Fryer & Grill:

Onion Rings - $4.50

French Fries - $4.00

Poutine - $6.00
Loaded Poutine With Hamburger or Chicken - $7.50           

Donair Sausage - $4.50

Hot Dog - $3.00

Grilled Cheese - $3.50

Hamburger - $4.50
With Fries - $8.50

Cheeseburger - $5.00
With Fries - $9.00

Mozza Bacon Burger - $6.00
With Fries - $10.00

Clams - $4.50
With Fries - $8.50

1 pc Fish & Chips - $8.50
2 pc Fish & Chips - $10.50

Chicken Fingers & Fries - $9.50

Sandwiches/Wraps & Salads:

Hot Chicken Burger - $5.00

Club Sandwich & Fries - $9.50


Cans of Pop - $1.50
Bottled Water - $1.50
Juice - $1.50

Gatorade - $2.50


Jumbo Freezies - $1.00

Popsicles - $1.50

Ice Cream:
Baby Cone - $2.00
1 Scoop - $2.75
2 Scoops - $3.75 







Pictou County Rivers’ Association
20th Annual Children’s Fisherama!
Saturday, May 19, 2018
9:00am to Noon
Trenton Park

Registration will take place the day of the event at the Park, it will start at 9:00am when the Fisherama begins.

This is a free event open to children aged 4 to 15 years. Please bring your own fishing gear & be prepared for any weather.

Participants can expect to catch brook trout and are permitted to keep up to five fish. Prizes are awarded to the children who catch the largest fish. As well, a few tagged trout are put in the pond and any child catching one of these distinctive fish receives a small cash prize. All participants will be eligible for draw prizes.

Refreshments are provided for all participants. This is a fun event and usually attracts about 300 children for a morning of trout fishing

Fisherama Age Limit/Rules:

The Children’s Fisherama is for children ages 4 to 15 only. The reason for this is two-fold; they do not require a fishing license as long as they comply with regulations and we do not have to ensure they have the privilege to fish or report it otherwise. We don't ask for ID during registration but hope those attending understand why this rule is in place for the ones participating to make it an event which can be enjoyed by all in attendance.

While we encourage parents to bring their family to our event, we also need everyone to understand that the adults are NOT permitted to fish during the Children’s Fisherama. With young toddlers, it might appear that adults are “helping too much”. For children under the age of 4 who have ability and/or desire to fish, the derby will be in place when they are of age to participate. At that time they will be able to get advice, help and encouragement from parents, guardians and our PCRA volunteers.

Pictou County Rivers Association Contacts:

Alfred White, President PCRA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paul Gray, Secretary PCRA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please visit


Fisherama 2012

Fisherama 2012

Dog By-law No.20


Trenton Park is a terrific place to take your furry friends for a walk but please be respectful of ALL visitors. The Town of Trenton Dog By-Law No. 20 states that dogs must be on their leash at ALL times and owners MUST pick up after their pets. This by-law is in effect for all areas of the Town of Trenton. Neglecting to follow this by-law comes with a fine of $100!

Also, please do not allow pets to foul the flowers as volunteers & staff are continuously working in the flower beds. You will notice “Foul Free Zone” signs in these areas. Dog waste bags are available at the Park for public use. Please take advantage of these dispensers but do not over indulge. The bags are for all canine visitors. Please be respectful of ALL visitors and clean up after your pets. Let's make sure everyone has an enjoyable visit to Trenton Park! Always remember:

If your dog poops: YOU SCOOP!