• When will I be receiving my tax bill in the mail?

Rent property taxes levied by the Town of Trenton are billed in installments as follows: 50% of the last period's taxes are billed on April 1st of each year and due on the last business day in May. The remainder of the current year tax levy is billed on September 1st and due on the last business day of October.

  • When will I be receiving my next water bill?

Water bills are sent quarterly (December, March, June, September). The Town recently undertook installation of water meters throughout the Town. If you have any questions, please call the Town Office at 902-752-5311.

  • Why do I (as a resident and taxpayer) need to pay for water that has been treated?

The Town of Trenton is committed to drinking water safety, and has been for years. The Town uses a multiple-barrier approach to water treatment and system management. The first barrier is "Keeping Clean Water Clean." This is acheived by protecting the sources from contamination.

The next main line of defence - "Making it Safe"- involves various steps to remove natural or man-made impurities. This is acheived by using adequate treatment methods to remove the impurities, including disinfection to inactivate micro-organisms, and effective operation of the treatment facility and distribution system. Chlorine is an effective disinfectant and is used to ensure confidence at the tap.

The final step in an effective multiple-barrier drinking water protection strategy is "Proving it's Safe." The Town continually monitors the water quality and takes swift, corrective action when deficiencies are identified.

  • When is the next Council meeting and how can I be placed on the agenda?

Council meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month. At the end of each meeting, the floor will be open to anyone who wishes to speak. For more information, please visit the Meetings page listed under the Municipal Information section.

  • Can water bills and taxes be paid on-line or by telephone banking?

Yes, all water bills and taxes can be paid on-line or by telephone banking. Please call Town Hall for details at 902-752- 5311.

  • How do I find out who owns a particular piece of land?

You can call the Planning & Development Dept. at 902-752-5311.

  • Why doesn't the Town plow out senior's driveways?

The Town does not plow out senior's driveways because of insurance and liability issues.



If you require minutes prior to September 2014, please contact Town Hall at 902-752-1019.

Trenton Town Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers.
(Second floor of the Municipal Building - 120 Main Street)


2018 Meeting Schedule:

      Town Council          Committee of the Whole   
January 09 January 29
February 13 February 26
March 13 March 26
April 10 April 30
May 08 May 28
June 12 June 25
July 10 July - No Meeting
    August - No Meeting     August 27 *
Septmeber 11 Septmeber 24
October 09 October 29
 November 13  November 26
December 11 December - No Meeting

Meeting Hours:

Council meetings begin at 7:00pm (September through June).

Please note that during the months of July & August only, the meetings follow summer hours and begin at 5:30pm.

Committee of the Whole meetings begin at 4:30pm (year-round).

* Time Change: Please note the Committee of the Whole meeting on August 27, 2018 will begin at 7:00pm. *

The public is welcome to attend both meetings.