The Town of Trenton is delighted to announce the launch of heritage song, ‘Steeltown’ written by Greg MacDonald and produced by award winner Dave Gunning.

Growing up in the Northend of New Glasgow in the 50’s and 60’s and spending a lot of time in the Town of Trenton, Greg MacDonald was able to put into words and music the memories that people remember from those times. The song, ‘Steeltown’ consists of verses full of memories, and is based on the beating of the hammer, which by all accounts is the ‘heartbeat of Pictou County.’

“When I was asked (as Town solicitor) to place a congratulatory ad in the Town’s 100th anniversary publication, I was honoured to do so as my grandfather had worked at Humphrey’s Glass and my father at Trenton Steel,” says MacDonald. ” I had a song idea running through my mind over the years for a song based on the sound of the hammer and wrote “Steeltown” essentially from a riff that kept recurring to me during the band Déjà-Vu’s sound checks.”

MacDonald took the song to Pictou County native and award winner Dave Gunning, who not only produced it, but played bass and guitar and also enlisted Pee Wee Charles, to play steel and dobro guitars. Charles has played with the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson and Anne Murray.

MacDonald wanted to take it even further and enlisted the help of his son, Colin, a film producer in Halifax to create a video using old photos and film from years gone by.

Reinforcing the importance of heritage for the Town, Mayor MacKinnon noted, “the fact that we have such talent in our own backyard and that they compiled this history and heritage for the 100th Anniversary, it has become a piece of history in its own right.”