Water & Sewer Bill

Water Usage Charges

Residents are charged on a 'user pay' basis for water. This means you only pay for the water you use - the more you use, the higher your water use charge. Residents are directly billed for the water they use, as well their share of the costs for transporting clean water to their homes and carrying wastewater away from their homes for treatment and release back into the environment. Water use is measured by water meters

Water Meter Readings

The Town manages approximately 1,100 water accounts. Water meter reading information is obtained from remote sensors or radio frequency (RF) transmitters that are located on the inside of each home, business and facility within municipal boundaries. This information is transmitted through our RF network and downloaded into Trenton’s water billing system and used to produce bills quarterly (January, April, July and October).

Meters must always be accessible so they can be readily examined, read or replaced by our staff as needed. We recommend leaving an unobstructed space in front of the water meter.

Sewer Charge

The Sewer Charge is based on the amount of water used during the current billing cycle. The usage is multiplied by the Sewage Rate to obtain the total Sewage Charge. This is a new addition to your water bill, but they are not new fees as they were previously paid through property taxes. The Sewer Charges pay for the ongoing maintenance and operation of stormwater and sanitary sewer lines, and the treatment and eventual release of wastewater into the East River. The more water you use, the more wastewater the Town must treat.

Utility Rates

Your utility bill includes a Water Usage Charge, Sewer Charge & Base Rate.

Water Rate - $1.10*
Sewer Rate - $2.15*
*for every $100 of assessed value

Base Rate - The base rate is a flat rate set by the Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board and is dependent on the size of service pipe. The standard size pipe going into a residential dwelling is 5/8".

Pipe SizeBase Rate
5/8"  $24.42 
3/4"  $36.21 
1"  $59.79 
1 1/2" $119.73 
2" $189.46
3" $378.07
4" $590.26
6" $1,179.68
8" $2,122.75

Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board - Town of Trenton Details

Payment Options

There are several options for owners to pay their Water & Sewer Bills in Trenton:

  • In-person at Town Hall (120 Main Street, Trenton) during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm). We accept cash, cheques, debit & credit (Visa or Mastercard; we don't accept American Express at this time).
  • Online Banking - Use your Municipal Account Number found on your utility bill for online banking. The account number needed will be numbers only (12345678) unlike your customer code which has letters & numbers (NAMEA001) - do not use this code for online banking. Please use the first 8 digits only. Do not include the decimal (.00) for online banking.
  • At your local bank branch - Bring your utility bill to your local bank branch for payment. 
  • Direct Payment Plans - To set up a direct payment plan, please contact Town Hall at 902-752-5311.

Late Payments

The total amounts billed must be paid by the due date to avoid interest charges. Interest will accumulate at 1.25% per month to all outstanding amounts following the due date.

Understanding Your Water & Sewer Bil

The information below will help residents understand the information on the water & sewer bill.

Understanding Your Utility Bill