Building & Development Permits

A Building & Development Permit is Required for:

  • New building construction
  • Structural change
  • Building Demolition
  • Building Relocation
  • Change of occupancy or use
  • Swimming Pools (deeper than 24 inches/60cm)
  • Building repairs or renovations
  • Interior alterations
  • Accessory buildings that are greater than 20m2 (215ft2) in floor area
  • Decks and stairs
  • Roof enclosure over an existing or new deck
  • Re-roofing where the roof pitch is being changed

Before a Building Permit, Development Permit, or Demolition Permit is issued, an applicant must complete an   pdf application form (675 KB)  and provide the fee for the permit per the Town`s Permit Fee Schedule.

The applicant may also be required to provide additional documentation, including a full set of drawings, Central Services form, an Authorization form, and Letters of Undertaking. Remember to apply early enough to avoid disappointment. It may take time for all the applications to be processed.

Once a building permit is issued, building inspections will be required at various stages of construction. Once the final inspection is completed, an occupancy permit is issued to the property owner.

Building and Demolition Permits expire after 12 months and are renewable.

Additional Details

In certain cases, a footing permit may be issued before the full building permit. Once the Development Permit has been issued and appropriate information has been submitted, a footing permit may be issued permitting the excavation. Upon approval of excavation by the Building Inspector, footings may be placed. Once a Certificate of Location of the actual footings is submitted to the Building Inspector, a Building Permit can be considered. The cost for this permit is included in the cost of the application for a Building Permit.

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