Canine Visitors

Notice for Dog owners

Dogs at Trenton Park

Trenton Park is a terrific place to take your furry friends for a walk but please be respectful of ALL visitors. The Town of Trenton Dog By-Law No. 20 states that dogs must be on their leash at ALL times and owners MUST pick up after their pets. This by-law is in effect for all areas of the Town of Trenton. Neglecting to follow this by-law comes with a fine of $250!

View the Town's full Dog Control By-law No.20 here.

Also, please do not allow pets to foul the flowers as volunteers & staff are continuously working in the flower beds. Dog waste bags are available at the Park for public use. Please take advantage of these dispensers but do not over indulge. The bags are for all canine visitors. Please be respectful of ALL visitors and clean up after your pets. Let's make sure everyone has an enjoyable visit to Trenton Park! Always remember:

If your dog poops: YOU SCOOP!