Public Works

Meet the Team

The Town of Trenton Public Works staff can now be identified by their navy blue staff shirts which include the Town crest in white. Photo (from left): Westley Tupper, Tommy Hoare, Wayne Allain & Sam Coldwell. Missing from photo: Superintendent Darryl Marcott & Chuckie Stewart 

Sewer System

Trenton's combined sewage system carries domestic and storm water to interceptor mains, which transmit waste to the East River Pollution Abatement Plant for treatment.


Trenton has approximately 32 km of streets, most of which are paved, curbed and guttered. During winter, our snow removal operations are second to none in this area. Current access to the Trans-Canada Highway is either through New Glasgow or via the Trenton-Abercrombie Connector to Highway 106.

Snow Removal Policy

During a snow storm, the emergency routes are plowed first for the safety and security of all Trenton residents. This route consists of Main Street, Duke Street, Maple Street, Park Road, Seventh Street, and part of Oak Street. These streets MUST be kept open for emergency vehicles. Depending on the severity of the snow storm, these may be the only streets plowed. When conditions become less severe the rest of the streets will be plowed. Also, all sidewalks must be plowed in the Town prior to the walking trails at Trenton Park. This work is handled by the Public Works Department and not by the Parks and Recreation staff. Parking lots are plowed after the snow storm or when all streets are plowed. This is a standard policy that has been in place for many years to make snow removal in the Town more efficient. We thank all residents for their understanding and acceptance of this matter.


After Hours Emergencies

For after hours Public Works emergencies (ex: water line breaks, leaking water meters, etc.), please contact the New Glasgow Regional Police Services at 902-752-1941.


Darryl Marcott

Public Works Superintendent

Phone: (902) 752-6907