Notice of Intent to Adopt Outdoor Fires Bylaw No.2023-01

Notice of Intent to Adopt Outdoor Fires By-law No.2023-01 

TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Trenton intends to adopt a new Outdoor Fires By-law No.2023-01 at the Town Council meeting to be held at Town Hall on May 9,2023.

The purpose of this by-law is to regulate Outdoor Fires in the Town of Trenton for the purpose of fire safety, to control the nuisance effect of such fires, and limit fire risks or unsafe practices by amending the previous Fire Prevention By-law 98-002.

UPDATE: Notice of Approval (2023-05-09)

The Outdoor Fires By-law No.2023-01 was approved by the Town of Trenton Council at the regular Town Council meeting on May 9, 2023.

Please see the approved by-law and associated policy below: